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Healing is a Journey

You Know the Way

More than 290 million people are reporting mental health issues. Often they don’t know where to go for help or don’t get help at all. Information online is hard to find. There are so many apps - which ones will help? Specialized health providers and emergency rooms are built for curing, not healing. We are here to help.

Healing is a journey...

Healing is a continual journey. SacroSpace's mission is to democratize healing by creating an integrative personalized virtual healing environment ecosystem - a space for healing - to guide individuals and their support networks in the healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Using the latest in National Institutes of Health evidence-based research we help individuals focus on mind, body, and spirit to lower stress, increase well-being, and create stronger connections and community to improve healing.

Our platform will

- Increase healing

- Reduce stress

- Alleviate anxiety

- Create community and connection

by providing virtual healing journeys and collaborating, partnering, and integrating with complementary solutions to foster whole-person healing.



About Us


SacroSpace takes years of NIH research on physical healing environments and puts them in the virtual space. Users get personalized virtual healing journeys that guide them from how they feel today to a place of healing, comfort, and solace tomorrow.

The SacroSpace marketplace will provide further options for care, using advanced analytics and AI to help users choose pathways that are best-suited to their individual healing needs.

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People with Mental Health Issues Worldwide
of People Who Do NOT Get Help for Mental Health Issues
Emergency Room Visits Annually in the US for Mental Health Issues
Opportunity Cost Individuals Spend in Seeking Help - that Doesn't Help!

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